hokuton_punch: Art of someone in space marine armor looking up at a glowing alien artifact draped in red. (marathon alien awe)
the ways of tea and failure ([personal profile] hokuton_punch) wrote in [community profile] scifibigbang on April 15th, 2014 at 08:55 pm

Fandoms: Marathon, Red vs. Blue
Contains: Obfuscation, swearing.

"And approximately how long have you been Rampant?"

"I never said I was Rampant. Did I explicitly say that I was Rampant at any point? Because I'm certain that I didn't."

"Nope. Just the big guy saying that."

"Agent Maine?" said the Counselor. "His reports are generally reliable, if brief."

"Terrible when otherwise reliable people jump to conclusions, isn't it?" the AI subject said.

"Agents Maine and Carolina also both reported that you claimed to have achieved meta-stability."

"You appear to be very interested in that possibility. What is the primary purpose of this project, again? Not that you told us in the first place." The hologram floated mid-air in perfect stillness, without any of the small gestures AI often used to indicate engagement in conversation.

"I'm afraid that's classified." The Counselor was also very careful not to glance at any of the concealed audiovisual sensors in the room. "Stealing a ship belonging to alien invaders and acting independently for several years is highly unusual behavior for an AI functioning normally."

"I've always been a little bit unique. It's part of my charm."

"What fucking charm?" The primary subject yawned widely and without covering his mouth. "Okay, you guys have the basics down, can I get a shower now? And food. And a bed. I'm okay with a cell if that's how you want to do things."
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