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Fandom: Mass Effect (3)

Notes: A mission fic set after Priority: Rannoch. Eventual Tali/Garrus.

* * *

    "Right." Traynor's eyes glint with a weary smile. "EDI said you'd taken a geth signal for analysis from our sweep of the third planet in the system. Adas, was it?" She doesn't quite sibilate the final sound correctly. "I meant to ask if you were able to decode it."

    Aware of Liara's gaze, the joint weight of the other women's scrutiny, Tali averts her eyes. Something burns in them, and she's grateful for the obscuring visor. "I was working on it. Why?"

    "There was a data package that was downloaded along with the signal. EDI isolated it until we could check it out, but she flagged it as potentially interesting. There seem to be data fragments from a geth memory core in there."

    "Oh." The sound scrapes barely audible through her breath filter.

    "I thought... that was why you'd downloaded the record."

    It would be the rational answer. Logically Traynor's next question should be why Tali overlooked the data fragments in favour of a broadcast call that was unlikely to yield any useful intel. She cannot help the way her spine stiffens, a sign of tension and discomfort that carries across the species divide.

    "I shouldn't have asked, should I?" Traynor sounds hushed. "Sorry. I know things have changed."

    "If I may, Samantha?" Liara cuts in, her voice cooler, neutral. "I would guess that you took a look at that memory data yourself, since you're bringing this up."

    "There's a lot missing from it. It seems the platform that housed the geth... runtime, that's the word, right?"

    "Yeah," Tali replies, unthinking.

    "The platform was badly damaged, and the power core was almost out. When our scan caught it, it triggered an upload of the distress call and the data package. It only worked partially, though." Traynor pauses to blow on her coffee, the dark, spicy tang of it wafting into the air.

    "You think there's more in the platform's memory banks. And that that would be worth a look, as well."
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