28 April 2017 @ 09:01 am
A Dark Song

This intense debut feature from the Irish director Liam Gavin, with its spare style, is a marriage of acting and atmosphere.
NYT Critic’s Pick
Director Liam Gavin
Writer Liam Gavin
Stars Mark Huberman, Susan Loughnane, Steve Oram, Catherine Walker
Running Time 1h 40m
Genres Drama, Horror

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story

Meet the husband-and-wife team that inspired some of the most memorable moments onscreen, from “The Graduate” to “The Birds.”
NYT Critic’s Pick
Director Daniel Raim
Writer Daniel Raim
Stars Lillian Michelson, Harold Michelson, Danny DeVito, Mel Brooks, Francis Ford Coppola
Running Time 1h 34m
Genres Documentary, Biography

Nise: The Heart of Madness

A drama from Brazil about a psychiatrist who defied medical orthodoxy and treated patients with paint brushes instead of spikes and electroshock therapy.
NYT Critic’s Pick
Director Roberto Berliner
Stars Julio Adrião, Flavio Bauraqui, Fabrício Boliveira, Fernando Eiras, Luciana Fregolente
Running Time 1h 46m
Genres Biography, Drama, History


The documentary peers over the shoulders of journalists at The New York Times as they decide who merits obituaries and then go about the delicate business of writing them.
NYT Critic’s Pick
Director Vanessa Gould
Stars Bruce Weber, William McDonald, Margalit Fox, William Grimes, Jack Kadden
Running Time 1h 33m
Genre Documentary
27/4/2017 wordcount: a minuscule 484, but that was all on editing hooversuck which I've been putting off for MONTHS, so it's all good.

To ~reward~ myself for getting a daily wordcount again I went ahead and got some historic low-price games from the Squeenix Spring Sale. Not as much as I wanted, ofc, but walking away with four games for < $12 is pretty damn good. And one of those games went to my mother, so whoop whoop.

ANYWAY since Origin isn't working right now because it requires an update and the client won't update on this current connection (waiting until my data renews on the 30th, then I can get it going again) I'm just having Steam download Gyromancer cos hey 150mb, then will let it continue with FF9. I immediately queued Murdered: Soul Suspect after getting it today and already have Dishonored and Arkham Asylum on the DQ from a few weeks ago, so it's not like I'm hurting for games to waste my internet time on downloading.

I've also had some level 5 or so randos add me out of nowhere on steam, and when I refuse the invite they try again. I checked their profiles and every single one of them has swastikas and shit in their profile comments so they can "lol meme", so I just made my profile private for a bit.

White Supremacists will get bored and go bother someone else, they always do. But god damn, I wish I knew what it was that put me on their radar so I could yank it away from them :/
27 April 2017 @ 02:17 am

So [personal profile] alexcat was talking about Mighty Mouse, and I was reminded of Andy Kaufman's crazy brilliance, and now here we are with this video. Are people still thinking he's alive somewhere, or has that been given up?

Aw damnit, now I'm getting pangs of nostalgia for Taxi -_____- Total gateway drug, pretty soon I'll be reminiscing about M*A*S*H and The Adventures of Pete and Pete again.
26 April 2017 @ 11:28 pm
Welcome to my new friends via [community profile] addme_fandom. Not sure I'm terribly exciting but I am a fandom creature and I am here quite a bit, reading more than posting, but here.

Oh and for those of you who may not be as old as me "Here I come to save the day!" was from Mighty Mouse - I remember seeing him in the early 60s on Saturday morning cartoons!

26/4/2017 wordcount: 1,472

IT'S POSTED. My May the 4th fic has been posted, and idk when the reveals are but when my name is attached to it I'll be posting a link here. AHAHAHAHA I'M DONE! DONE!!!!!

My project for the rest of the month is to finish formatting hooversuck so that'll be all posted and done with on ao3 before MYWYN starts. I'll also be poking at various WIPs I've been sitting on to see where I can form a (reasonable) expectation of finishing, but eh, not setting the bar for that terribly high.

Humble Book Bundle: Berkley Breathed Collection. All of Bloom County for $15? Sign! Me! Up!!!

If you haven't read his stuff before, he's one of those cartoonists who used to go after Trump waaaay back in the 80s. And he came out of retirement as soon as Trump got the GOP nomination, so that's uh. One single good thing that came out of that clusterfuck. I guess. Erm...

I haven't read any of his Outland or OPUS strips, so I'm looking forward to getting that downloaded. But yaaaaay, Bloom County!
Also because I do not want to do admin work. But also I do not want to do event planning.

But I will for my son. Because bar mitzvahs are important.

Plus side, I get a party out of it. :)

(We really ought to have found a site AGES ago.)
26 April 2017 @ 09:29 am
Unicorn Food’ Is Colorful, Sparkly and Everywhere

Unilever Buys Sir Kensington’s, Maker of Fancy Ketchup
OMG! An American British-Dutch company makes Marmite? Say it ain't so!

Baking Is All in the Hands

Recipe: Buttermilk-Biscuit Shortcakes

The Single Most Important Ingredient
Recipes: Buttermilk-Marinated Roast Chicken | Caesar Salad

Fish That’s Fast, Easy and Sometimes Even Fancy
A Good Appetite
Recipe: Trout With Chive Butter

Three Ways to Let Fresh Asparagus Shine

City Kitchen
Recipes: Charred Asparagus With Green Garlic Chimichurri | Steamed Asparagus With Pistachios and Brown Butter | Shaved Asparagus Salad With Ginger and Sesame

A Reusable Pouch for Wine on the Go

Front Burner

Economical Aluminum Skillets With Heft

Front Burner

Cookbook Offers a Taste of London’s Famed Firehouse

Front Burner

Cooking Got Barbara Lynch Out of South Boston, and Brought Her Back

Recipe: Roast Chicken in a Butter Crust

The Secrets of Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk

Recipe: Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk

American Brandy Is Surging, Even in Whiskey Country

A Few American Standouts

Read more... )

From the Sonoma Coast, Chardonnays of Energy and Memories
Wines of The Times
Recipe Pairing: Risotto With Peas and Sausage

Tasting Notes: Sonoma Coast Chardonnays

Read more... )

A Journey Through Baja California’s Wine Country
Vineyards and culinary marvels beckon in the austere backcountry of the Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico.
26 April 2017 @ 05:59 am
Monday: go to work at 6am, leave at 9:30pm

Tuesday: go to work at 7am, leave at 11:30pm

Wednesday: go to work at 5am, leave...?

boss and I actually stayed at coworkers house nearby. i slept on the couch with their very adorable and fluffy and friendly cat. we were going to get hotel rooms on the company's dime, but literally all of the hotels nearby are booked solid, probably for the same event we're fucking doing all the signage for. and the event starts at 8am, and I'm still printing the programs which we only got approved at 9pm last night.

i have a headache of the type where there is a small intermittent ice pick being rammed up into one spot at the base of my neck, angled up into my head and bottoming out behind my right eye. it's not constant, it's not regular enough to be called throbbing, it just sort of spasms periodically (frequently) and makes me flinch. lacking drugs (including all my normal meds) I am heavily self medicating with fucktons of water and coffee.

and there's no break in sight, because as soon as this event launches and we can legitimately say we've done all we can for it, we have to hit the ground running to try to make some progress against the avalanche load of stuff that's backed up in the normal queue. we already reached the point yesterday of turning clients away because no, we can't promise a damned thing, not anything, not for the rest of the week, definitely not for same day fuck all anything.

thank god work only explodes like this once every handful of years. >_
25 April 2017 @ 07:24 pm
Original Fiction
Gaspar Sra/Lewis Tooley (OMC/OMC)
19k words; E for Explicit
A weird fiction erotic romcom with a side-order of body horror that I wrote almost 3 years ago.

"Temporal diffusion," Gaspar repeats, "then they won't quarantine you."

"I could be contagious," Lewis points out. His voice is rough, like he's been screaming recently. He most likely was. Gaspar would totally scream all over the place if he had laid an egg in the shower and didn't know why.

read on ao3

25 April 2017 @ 09:37 am
Yesterday: woke up at 5am. left house at 5:40am. arrived at work at 7am. left work at 9:30pm. arrived home at 10:30pm.

Today: woke up at 6am. left house at 7am, arrived at work at 9am (ugh, traffic). possibly will be staying as late today as yesterday, not sure yet.

=_____= it's tuesday and I'm already done. ugh. 14 hour days are not fun.
24/4/1027 wordcount: 425

I'll be finished tomorrow, will post it to the archive the day after. Thank fuck.

To do something completely different with MYWYN this year, I'm considering writing 1k worth of screenplay or teleplay a day. Not worrying about finishing the scripts, just getting as much down on them as humanly possible for the eighty days. Might wimp out and just work on Star Wars fic like last year, though. We'll see :/

Movie meme that everyone is doing:

A Movie I Love: idk. Birdman? Seven Psychopaths? Snowpiercer? I love movies, those are just some of the recent additions.
An Action Movie I Love: Danny The Dog is very violent and very dramatic and made me cry at the end.
A Drama I Love: The Drop.
A Western I Love: Once Upon a Time in the West. Holy crap that movie.
A Horror Movie I Love: Attack the Block. Oh, and [REC]. And and and There Will Be Blood.
A Comedy I Love: Les Visiteurs or La Cage aux Folles will always tie for that spot.
A Romance Movie I Love: Shaun of the Dead is a romance. No really, it is. He gets the girl and the pub in the end, that totally qualifies.
A Noir I Love: Bladerunner is hella noir and nothing you can say will change my mind.
A Disney Movie I Love: siiiiiigh, I don't really have a favourite. All of them are entertaining, but none are near and dear to me.
A Sci Fi Movie I Love: Ex Machina, because of how subtle it is.
An Animated Movie I Love: I love lots and lots of animated movies, but first that comes to mind is AKIRA, I guess.
A Superhero Movie I Love: The second Burton Batman film. Batman Returns? Is that it?
A War Movie I Love: Does Tropic Thunder count? lol or Starship Troopers?
An Exploitation Movie I Love: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension qualifies, yep.
A Musical I Love: Nightmare Before Christmas, maybe?
An Historical Movie I Love: Amadeus.
A Bad Movie I Love: MANOS: The Hand of Fate, though I honestly and genuinely adore a lot of bad movies, MANOS is just an El Paso production so I gotta be loyal here.
A Childhood Favorite: Labyrinth, oh yes.
A Shakespeare Movie I Love: The Fifteen Minute Hamlet is the only Hamlet worth watching. (FUCK KENNETH BRANAGH'S VERSION, HE FUCKING MUMBLES IN THE GRAVEYARD SCENE.)
A Franchise I Love: Anything by the members of Monty Python is part of the Monty Python Franchise, so sayeth I, and so sayeth I love every single one of them. Yes, even Yellowbeard, despite all its problems.
A Trilogy I Love: the Toy Story trilogy, I guess. The 3rd one made me cry, just like it did for everyone else.
A Guilty Pleasure I Love: Kingsman: The Secret Service. It's so trashy, and yet so so good.
A Movie Recently Seen: Rewatched The Hound of The Baskervilles (1978) this morning. Yay for Pete and Dud.
My Favourite of This Year: Haven't seen any new films yet this year :/
A Favorite of All Time: Terry Gilliam's Brazil. Full stop.
24 April 2017 @ 01:58 pm
I should mention, just for grins and giggles, that we name our printers at work. Especially the large oversize machines. Those all have names. The tech who set them up for us and trained us on them applauded us for having one of the more unique set of names he'd ever seen a shop use (apparently simpsons characters are popular? or dilbert names?)

But no! We're geeks. So instead you get snippets of conversation like this:

Me: "Is the regular paper on Milano or Galactica?"
C: "Galactica! Milano has banner on it."

Boss: "If you want to print to Serenity you have to take the file over on a thumb drive."
Me: "But you can load the print onto Heart of Gold and send the cut template straight from Illustrator?"

Milano & Galactica - 60" roll fed Epson printers
Serenity - 60" eco-solvent Epson printer that can print opaque white and metallics
Heart of Gold - 60" oversize vinyl cutter

(Millennium Falcon was nixed for not rolling off the tongue easily. Enterprise was nixed on account of every damned version of it blowing up and we don't want to give the machines ideas.)
24 April 2017 @ 08:40 am
Yes, I just earwormed myself with an old classic. =P

At work, carpooled with the boss in my car, and expect to be here until super late due to the SUPER IMPORTANT event starting tomorrow that we need to do all the print and install for. Or rather, the rest of the department does - my job is to stay on top of all the OTHER day to day jobs while everyone else is scrambling around appeasing this one event. Which mostly means I'm up to my eyeballs in badges, banners, placards, books, stickers, and all the other every day sort of junk. Oh, and our printer is still busted with a junked up transfer so it lays down pigment very spotty. So I'm waiting for the tech to get here and fix it. =P

Mostly a lazy weekend (yay!) in which we got all the plants into pots (yay!) and now have multiple pots of tiny seedling cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, green onions, basil, oregano, cilantro, and dill out on the deck. And it's raining, so hey, welcome to real life little plants, here's more water then you really need! =P

Also played WoW. Finished all the zones except Suramar, already have the rep grind done, we're so close to flying I can taste it... and now we need to run dungeons. ALL THE DUNGEONS. Though, really, we're pretty much mythic geared... tempted to see what would happen if we tried to 2-man on normal. >_> Boss has offered to join and rolled a healer because he likes playing support, but he's only level 100 and is splitting his time with Destiny (where he's trying to tick off his achievement list before Destiny 2 rolls out, because apparently Bungee is awesome and will send you commemorative t-shirts. =P) So for right now we're either 2-manning stuff, or wait until the weekend and hope we can grab my dragon's side of the family for a few dungeon runs on west coast time.

(Seriously, it's, like, ALL THE DUNGEONS. Arcway, Neltharion's lair, Emerald Nightmare, Maw of Souls, Eye of Azshara, Halls of Valor, maybe Court of Stars too... I had to write a list. =P All for quests. UGH. SMH for the "force everyone to run dungeons" mechanic, though at least they've made it so that my PvE playing ass can be reasonably geared for mythic dungeons purely with quest drop and bought gear.)

grownup adulting stuff )