16 March 2011 @ 07:49 am
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For all of you eager writers who have been writing their fics already, this is your chance to show everyone what you've been up to!  Just leave a comment below with a part of your fic (no more than 200-300 words, thanks!)

Please include the following information in your comment:

Any other info
: (pairings, warnings, author notes, etc.)

If your snippet has adult content, you must link it back to your own journal
Now, suddenly, I feel the overwhelming urge to write something for my fic. ;) ;)

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snowynight[personal profile] snowynight on March 17th, 2011 03:42 am (UTC)
Fandom: Marvel comics
Any other info: No warning for this snippet. A fantasy AU that the Avengers need to travel to different worlds and face their past

At the mansion yard the good Captain Rogers scrambled into Mistress Giant Girl’s hand and threw his wooden shield at the mercenary Wolverine, who dodged the attack and went for his neck. The Captain was unfazed because the shield returned at the calculated angle to his hand at the right time to blocked it. When he noticed that Mistress Giant Girl’s hand started to tremble, he jumped to the ground while the Spiderman shot the spider’s web at the Captain and Mistress Giant Girl.

“Dodge!” The Captain shouted. Giant Girl shrunk to her original size and dodged the web. Meanwhile Mistress Storm summoned whirlwind to blow them away. Iron Man flew, with the clinking sound of the clockwork gear in his armor, and carried them away.

Wolverine grunted, "Woe, the success would be on our side if only I could use my claw."

"I must say It would be against Mister Stark’s expressed wish. The house is not strong enough for that.” Iron Man replied dryly.
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