14 June 2011 @ 06:09 pm
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Fifteenth of the month -- that means it's time for a snippet post! This is your chance to show everyone what you've been up to! Just leave a comment below with a part of your fic.  Because this is the last snippet post, you can post a bigger portion, but no more than 500-600 words. Thanks!

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penumbren: steve/tony[personal profile] penumbren on June 15th, 2011 03:22 am (UTC)
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Notes: A/U version of the origin of the Avengers, based in the universe where Tony Stark is the Sorcerer Supreme. No pairings, but slashy hints between Tony and Steve (Captain America).

Biting back the words 'twenty years ago' was difficult, but he managed. He knew they were headed in that direction, but there was no sense in shocking the man right off the bat. In an effort to delay that moment a little longer, he cocked his head and asked, “So… Captain America. May I have the honour of knowing your name?” He couldn't quite keep the half-teasing tone from his voice, and the other man grinned at him.

“Nice avoidance method, if a little obvious.”

Tony shrugged again. “Whatever works. I would like to know your name, though. If you don't mind.”

There was a long pause as the other man considered him. “I suppose it doesn't really matter, since you could find out anyway, if you're really Howard's son.” That made Tony wonder just how much his father had failed to tell him about the “special projects” he'd been involved in during World War Two. “I'm Steve Rogers. It's nice to meet you, Tony.” The Captain - Steve - reached out and Tony shook his hand unthinkingly. As he did, Steve asked, his tone casual, “So. What year is this?”

“What?” Tony froze, hand still clasped in Steve's. The blond wasn't grinning anymore. Instead, his somber gaze met Tony's squarely, and Tony read the fear and resignation there. He sighed, easing his grasp on Steve's hand to one of comfort. “It's 2011. You've been missing for almost seventy years.”

Steve's hand tightened on his as an expression of unimaginable pain crossed his features. Slowly, his fingers relaxed again, but Tony noted that he didn't attempt to withdraw from the one point of human contact.

“Seventy years,” he muttered, and swallowed. Tony could see the blue eyes glittering as Steve's head swung away to stare sightlessly at the wall, his throat working against the emotions that Tony could practically feel swelling up inside him. He fought back the crazy urge to sit beside the man and wrap his arms around him. Not only did he not know the man, he knew enough about Captain America to suspect that an action like that from an effective stranger would be enough to land him flat on his back and in not a little bit of pain. Instead, he tightened his grasp on Steve's hand. He'd always been terrible at expressing his emotions, but in these circumstances, even a little bit probably meant a lot.

When Steve finally turned back to him, his eyes were dry and clear, even though he still gripped Tony's hand firmly in his own. “How long ago did Howard die?”

“Almost twenty years.” The familiar pang of bitter grief and anger was muted from the passage of time, but Tony still felt it. From the look on Steve's face, he'd known Howard, so Tony continued, “They'd been at a party. He… was drinking. They went off the road. They… neither of them survived the crash.”

“I told him he drank too much,” Steve said softly, and Tony snorted.

“Yeah, well, that didn't change. Fortunately, my attempt at following in his footsteps on that road ended a little better.” Steve raised his eyebrows, and Tony cursed his loose tongue. “I didn't die,” he said, and changed the subject before Steve could draw out anything about his own car wreck and the wreck he'd made of Stephen Strange's life.
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