01 July 2013 @ 12:32 pm
Important Notes

Note One. Make sure you have signed up. We cannot count your claim if you have not filled out a sign up form. As soon as you sign up, you are eligible to select a story unless we say otherwise. Sign up forms are here.

Note Two. Please reply to this post with your top three picks. You will be given one of those picks on a first come, first serve basis. If you do not have three picks, you do not have to list three picks. If you signed up but nothing interests you, you do not have to select a story.

Note Three. This post is on LJ and DW. Even if you are the first person to sign up for something on LJ, someone could have beaten you on the DW site (or someone on DW beaten to a story by someone on LJ), so please check both posts.

Note four. This post will be updated on a nightly basis with the exception of tonight; meaning that claimed stories will be crossed out, and rough drafts and contact information sent to artists tomorrow night and every night following it.

Note five. Selection will end either on July 7th, after every signed up artist has made a selection, or after every story has been claimed. If every story is not claimed at this time, a second round of selection will begin the next day. At this time, artists will be able to choose any of as many of the unclaimed stories as they want until all stories are claimed. After this, if there is sufficient interest, claims may be opened so that stories may be claimed by a second artist.

  1. The Mystery of Yomiyama by moon_blitz (Another/Detective Conan)
  2. What is Past by congo (Babylon 5) - gryphon2k
  3. Pack AU for Angel (Untitled) by pairatime (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  4. Untitled by kritikeragent (Criminal Minds)
  5. Four for Fire: Hearth-Fires by morgynleri (Criminal Minds/Stargate SG1)
  6. Just a Far Away Memory by navaan (Doctor Who) - antares04a
  7. In Our Youth Time by Jesterlady (Doctor Who) - draconeon
  8. One Single Yesterday by tigerdreams (Doctor Who/Marvel Cinematic Universe) - nessataleweaver
  9. Butterfly Kisses by backrose_17 (Doctor Who/Torchwood/Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  10. Three Days by scandalbaby (Doctor Who/Sherlock)
  12. Untitled by elyss_blair (Harry Potter)
  13. Untitled by flipflop_diva (Harry Potter/Percy Jackson series) - sarah_jones
  14. Which to Cross, Which to Burn by enochiansigils (The Host/Primeval)
  15. Awake the Nation by quoshara and speak_me_fair (Inception) *
  16. Liberté by kiyala (Les Misérables/Temeraire fusion) - xianghua
  17. Our Darkest Moments by enochiansigils (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - reasonandmusic
  18. Untitled by gekkoryu (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - vesryn
  19. God Switch by del_rion (Marvel Cinematic Universe/the Matrix fusion)
  20. The Phoenix Herald by miss_bekahrose (Merlin/Torchwood) - agirlnamedtruth
  21. One of the Family by kirsteena (Once Upon a Time)
  22. The Road Refuses Strangers by enigmaticblues (Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1) - danceswithgary
  23. Postcards from the Edge by karrenia_rune (Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Universe)
  24. Hunting Qetesh's Treasure by alexcat (Stargate SG-1) - casper_san
  25. Infinite Loops by sheikah (Stargate SG1)
  26. Turn a little faster, the world will follow after by katiemariie (Star Trek) - ar
  27. The Concatenation by gladdecease (Star Trek)- ghostbonesx//ghostbones
  29. Hidden Beneath Shade by hybridshade (Supernatural)
  30. The Grimm and the Angel by bellacatbee (Supernatural/Grimm fusion) - ladyrocketdale
  31. Tell Me Where Your Strength Lies by stars_inthe_sky (Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles) - raktajinos
  32. Wayward Sons (Act I - Carry On and Act II - Keeping the Innocent) by dracoqueen 22 (Transformers)
  33. Honorable Hostage by ladydragon76 (Transformers G1) - darthenko
  34. Immolation by dellessa (Transformers G1) - spectrumpheonix
  35. Monsters Inside by nkfloofiepoof (Transformers G1)
  36. Life After the Wedding by pairatime (True Blood)
  37. To Take Each Step in Turn by jedi_of_urth (The Vampire Diaries)
  38. Adaptation by camfield (Wreck-It Ralph)
  39. Disappear by tehexile (Phantasy Star)*
  40. The Devil is in the Details by reasonandmusic (Pokemon/Supernatural)
  41. The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics by colin_chaotic (Teen Wolf/Harry Potter)* - kymericl
  42. Captain Reynolds Against the Interplanetary Crime League by omorka (Firefly/Bucakroo Banzai) - susanmarier
  43. Missed Chances by omorka (Real Ghostbusters)

Authors: This is the final list of who all is participating. If you do not see your name on this list or any of the information is wrong, please let us know.
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