Hi guys! Just leave a comment stating whether or not you are still participating. If you have made the first two check-ins but miss this one, we will assume that you are still participating unless you tell us otherwise. If you have missed both of the previous check ins and do not respond to this one, or have missed a single check in and also do not respond to this one, we will assume you are not participating. On the 11th, we will be making a post of all of the authors that are participating to the best of our knowledge. So please make sure that you get in contact with us!

There will be a post up tomorrow asking about beta readers. If you do not have a beta reader, look for this post!

Today (we're going to say 24hrs from this post is the deadline) also marks the last day to change your fandom. If you still need to change your fandom, or have changed your fandom and have not informed us, please let us know.

01. Author Check In #3 // Last Day to Change Fandom or Bang
15. Story Excerpt Post // Summary and Rough Draft Collection
22. Last Day To Turn in Summaries
24. Art Claiming Preview Post
30. Last Day to Turn in Rough Drafts // Artist Sign-Ups End

01. First Art Claims Begin
07. Art Claims End
08. Rough Drafts Send to Artists // Second Art Claims Begin
09. Posting Date Selection
31. Stories Due

15. Art Due
20. Posting Begins

+ Minimum word count FOR THE MINI BANG is 10,000 words. Minimum word count for the BIG BANG is 25,000 words.
+ Your story will need to be beta-read.
- You are more than welcome to use your own beta (whether they are on LJ/DW/Tumblr or not).

If you have any questions, any comments, or any concerns do not hesitate to contact a mod. If you need some help whipping your story into shape, a little extra encouragement, or you're worried you won't meet the deadline, please talk to us! I swear we're totally cool. We're not like regular mods. We're cool mods.

Good luck everybody!
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