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[Round 6] Art Pre-Game Claiming Post

How will art claiming work this year?

Artists: On Tuesday, July 1st, a post similar to this will go up. Please reply to the post with your top three picks. You will be given one of those choices on a first come, first serve basis. You do not have to list three stories if you're not interested in doing art for any of those stories.

Claiming will end either on July 7th or after every signed up artist has made a selection/every story has been claimed. Claiming will resume the next day. At this time, artists will be able to choose any of as many of the unclaimed stories as they want. If there is sufficient interest and all stories are claimed, claims may be opened so that stories may be claimed by a second artist.

The Pre-Game Claiming Post

Artists: this is not the art claiming post. Use this post to let us know whether or not you're still participating, or to just take a look at what stories will be available with art claiming begins on Tuesday. You can also check out the snippet tags (LJ or DW) to get a peek at some of the stories that are being written.

Please pay special attention to the numbering. When the official art claiming post goes up, if an author has dropped sometime between now and Monday, their summary will be deleted but the numbering on the surrounding summaries will remain the same.

The official post will go up on Tuesday, July 1st at or around 10 A.M. PDT. Convert to your local time zone here. If this time is inconvenient for you or you will be away during claiming, please let us know.

Authors: Please take a moment to make sure that all of your information is correct.

  1. The Borders of Our Lives by revedeshautbois (Agents of Shield/Dollhouse)
  2. Beneath the Truth by flipflop_diva (Agents of Shield/Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  3. Among the Deepening Shades by jesterlady (Being Human UK)
  4. Elemental Prophecy by tarlanx (Chronicles of Riddick)
  5. Wave Forms by karrenia_rune (The Death Gate Cycle by Weis & Hickman)
  6. Conversations With Dead People by carnivorousgiraffe (Discrowld/Doctor Who)
  7. Time Enough to Choose by moon_blitz (Doctor Who) *
  8. Cohesion by misaffection (Doctor Who/Farscape)
  9. From Ashes and Dust We Rise by backrose_17 (Doctor Who/Marvel Cinematic Universe/Supernatural/Torchwood)
  10. The Past Is The Present And The Future Is New by scandalbaby (Doctor Who/Sherlock/Star Trek XI)
  11. Love in the Strangest Places by navaan (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
  12. Flight of Landale by tehexile (Infinite Space/Phantasy Star series)
  13. Hey Brother by moon01234 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn/Marvel Cinematic Universe/Saint Seiya) *
  14. Supercollider Swing by hokuton-punch (Marathon/Red vs. Blue)
  15. The World You Want by enigmaticblues (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  16. Starring Role by enmuse (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  17. Second Chances Don't Grow on Trees by outercorner (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  18. Shallow Sky by sunling (Mass Effect 3) *
  19. Untitled by kritikeragent (NCIS)
  20. All that Glitters by ivycross (Star Trek: TOS)
  21. World On Fire by lah_mrh (Star Trek: TOS)
  22. Exodus One by raktajinos (Star Trek: Voyager) *
  23. Gone Fishin' by alexcat (Stargate: SG-1)
  24. Borne of the Earth by hybridshade (Supernatural) *
  25. tell me where your strength lies, part iii: now i scream 'til the end of the day by stars_inthe_sky (Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles)
  26. Oath-Breaker by kiyala (Les Miserables)
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