14 August 2014 @ 12:52 am
Hey guys! So it looks like the majority of people can post on the original timeline, but for the few that can't we're going to move the posting dates back one week starting on August 25th. The latest we will be posting is around September 15th. That gives us three full weeks for posting! Since I don't want to drop this on you unexpectedly, we'll do claims for the posting calendar on Monday. I didn't receive email alerts about any of the comments on the last post (which is strange since I tried to reset everything to go to the email so that I could better keep track of everything!) but I tried to read everything, and if this timeframe doesn't work for anyone let me know! There are currently only five stories without artists, and if at this point you are an author that has not heard from their artist or an artist that has not heard from their author, please let me know!
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